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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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 About Serenity

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PostSubject: About Serenity   Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:42 am


Ruler: King ___ and Queen ___
Population: Moderate-high
Wealth: Rich
Law enforcement: Watchmen
Education: Moderate-high, schooling available for all

The capitol city of the kingdom, Serenity is a place of peace and merriment. It is a wealthy city and home to a great many fine tradesmen, and it is very well guarded by an efficient and highly trained guard team known as the Watchmen. This is a place where children can play in safety on the streets and whilst beggars can be found here, they are in small number and shooed along quickly by the Watchmen so as not to cause any disruption. The gates to the city remain open but unsavoury types quickly find themselves either hurried along or arrested for whatever charge the guard can drum up. That is not to say that crime does not exist here, for thieves do indeed lurk everywhere, but it is a city of relative safety that lives up to its name.

However, the threat of the king and queen being usurped is a very real and constant one.

Places of Interest

The High Palace – the home of the King and Queen of the kingdom of Asmetris. The palace is vast and has a huge staff, as well as private stables, kennels and gardens. Regular balls and tournaments are held in its grounds, and each fall there is a grand party celebrating the bounty of nature. Four times a year there are also horse races, where the quickest mounts in the kingdom are pitted against each other with huge prize funds for the winners. The palace is heavily guarded and none can enter without permission.

Gardmore Abbey - This network of buildings caters to the educational needs of the children of many of the wealthiest and most highly regarded families from all districts, partially due to the Abbey's high standards and partially due to the high cost of sending your child to study there. They hold traditional and magical teaching in equal measure and the graduates tend to find it easy to secure very good work when they leave. It is funded by payments from the parents/ guardians of the students they teach.

The Temple of Blessing - Dedicated to the praise and worship of Tegai, the goddess of peace and sanctuary. The temple is a place of peace, very popular with the wealthy and poor alike. Priests make regular blessings to those who donate to their cause.

The Menagerie – Situated a stones throw from the palace, the menagerie is home to a large collection of beasts from all corners of the known world. They are kept in large, elaborately decorated cages and the staff work hard to keep the animals healthy and looking well for the visitors. The bakery is famous for its animal-shaped cakes and sweets, and there is even a merchant selling animal themed wooden toys and a place where children can have rides on ponies.

Botanical Garden – Connected in part to the menagerie, the garden is a very popular place for the wealthy to wander, explore and picnic. Rare and exotic plants and flowers from all corners of the world are housed here, many under glass or in magically-managed areas to allow them to grow and bloom outside of their normal environment. Many of the plants here can be purchased, for a high enough price, including some of the less than mundane ones.

The Marketplace – In the centre of Serenity there is a large marketplace, bustling and colourful around the clock and selling everything from food, furniture and jewellery right through to animals, clothing and weapons. The tradesmen here are noted for their great talent and even greater bargaining skills.

Dragonsbreath Lake – Named for the colour the water takes at sunset, the lake is a very popular place with swimmers and fishers alike. The freshwater is teeming with trout, crabs, eels and carp, as well as a vast array of other life. There are stories that a monster lives deep below the surface and feasts on drowned children, but many believe that is an old-wives-tale designed to keep their children away from the waters edge.

Barracks – The home of the Watchmen, the barracks are well maintained and well supported by the city royalty. Life as a Watchman can be tough and dangerous, but they are always guaranteed food in their belly and a warm place to sleep at night. The barracks are where they live, carry out their training and is the centre of their operations.

New Places of Interest

New places of interest can be added to this listing. If you have an idea for a new place of interest to add to this district, please fill out the following and send it in a PM to Sam. If it is suitable and fitting for the setting and that particular district, it will be added to the list above. Places of interest that have a lot of threads being set in them may be given their own sub-board within the district.

[b]Place of Interest Name:[/b]
[b]Brief Description (no more than three or four sentences):[/b]

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Posts : 40
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PostSubject: Re: About Serenity   Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:43 am

Important Canons

The Royal Family

King of Asmetris - Requires admin permission to play

Queen of Asmetris - Requires admin permission to play

Royal Children

The Royal Attendants

Royal Guardians

Royal Advisers

Servants/ Hand Maidens - Unlimited number playable



Gardeners/ Housekeepers

Others of Import

Captain of the Watchmen

Watchmen - Unlimited number playable

Gardmore Abbey teachers

High Priest/ess of Tegai in the Temple of Blessing

Head Warden of the Menagerie

Head Keeper of the Botanical Garden
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About Serenity
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