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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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 About Sagemont

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PostSubject: About Sagemont   Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:26 pm


Ruler: The Churches
Population: Moderate-low
Wealth: Moderate
Law enforcement: Watchmen
Education: Moderate-high, primarily concerned with service to the pantheon

Ruled by the good-aligned Churches and a sacred place of worship to most of the members of the pantheon, Sagemont is a relatively small community of temples, healing places and associated facilities. The temples take pride of place on the streets in this district, surrounded by the homes of the priests and clerics that worship within them. Several inns provide living space for travellers and those seeking divinity in times of need, and the area is dotted with gardens, fish ponds and others places of rest, meditation and peace. At the rear of the district is a vast and highly guarded field which is home to the sacred Sagemont Red cattle. Evil-aligned deities and their worship are not welcome here.

Sagemont is a place of enforced peace, where violence is harshly punished and the Watchmen have full right to kill on sight if a target is believed to be causing extreme disruption to the sanctity of the temples. That is of course not to say that violence does not happen here; inter-religious warfare is rife in the district but it is very secretive and brutal, kept far away from the eye of the public and the Watchmen.

Places of Interest

Temple of Solitude – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Tegia, this temple promotes peace and sanctuary above all other things. The temple is kept stocked with fresh flowers and is gloriously scented, a safe place for people to come and worship, mediate or simply be at peace.

Temple of Insight – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Beidi, this temple is dedicated to exploring the future and trying to unravel any prophecies or foretelling that present themselves. The priests are advanced clairvoyants, powerful and heavily guarded, and often sought out by those who wish to know more about their fate; for a price, of course.

Temple of Thought – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Lalumal, this temple is populated by scholars, scribes, educators and other priests of great learning. They seek primarily to learn all the intricate details of the world, and use their knowledge to better it in Lalumal's name.

Temple of the Gentle Touch – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Nenane, this temple also acts as the primary hospital for much of the kingdom. The priests are highly skilled healers with the knowledge and resources to combat many ailments in return for a donation to their cause.

Temple of Undying – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Disian, this temple carries out many of the funeral services for the well to do in the kingdom. The priests praise the life that comes after the mortal one, and helps usher spirits into the next realm.

Churches – There are a number of smaller churches in Sagemont dedicated to other Gods, namely Phalym, Eniuna, Musai and Zeuroni.

White River Abbey – This relatively large school caters primarily to those whose latent magical ability lends itself to the worship of the pantheon and the protection of the people. This includes healers, wardens and those able to channel divine light. Traditional teaching takes equal place alongside magical teaching, and a high emphasis is also placed on religious studies. This school has low fees for those who show promise, and is primarily funded through donations to the churches and temples of the district.

Floral Gardens – Located in the heart of Sagemont, the gardens are magically kept in perpetual bloom and tended by some of the most skilled gardeners in the kingdom. A small pond teems with imported koi carp, and Priests from the Temple of the Gentle Touch regularly gather herbs and spices from the gardens to tend to their patients.

The Red Temple – A fairly small red-brick building on the outskirts of the district, the Red Temple is made up of prostitutes who ply their trade to raise funds for the running of the district. The coin they raise goes towards upkeep of the temples and gardens, as well as funding the temples themselves in times of need. Both females (Red Sisters) and males (Red Brothers) work here and it is generally considered to be the safest place for that work in the kingdom, although the standards are far higher than elsewhere and the priests that run the temple are incredibly selective.

New Places of Interest

New places of interest can be added to this listing. If you have an idea for a new place of interest to add to this district, please fill out the following and send it in a PM to Sam. If it is suitable and fitting for the setting and that particular district, it will be added to the list above. Places of interest that have a lot of threads being set in them may be given their own sub-board within the district.

[b]Place of Interest Name:[/b]
[b]Brief Description (no more than three or four sentences):[/b]

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Posts : 40
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PostSubject: Re: About Sagemont   Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:54 am

Important Canons

Priests and Priestesses

Head of the Temple of Solitude

Head of the Temple of Insight – Must have clairvoyance

Head of the Temple of Thought

Head of the Temple of the Gentle Touch – Must have healing magic

Head of the Temple of Undying

Head of the Red Temple

Others of Import

White River Abbey Teachers

Head Keeper of the Floral Gardens – Must have plant magic

Head Keeper of the Sagemont Red Cattle

Stable of the Red Temple
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About Sagemont
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