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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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 About Icewell

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PostSubject: About Icewell   Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:48 pm


Ruler: Several mining families
Population: Moderate
Wealth: Varies
Law enforcement: Icewell Guard
Education: Moderate-low, concerned primarily with skills that will benefit the district

Nestled within the mountains that border the kingdom, Icewell is a treacherous place to live but, if you have the means necessary, it can be one of the most prosperous. The mountains house vast seams of metals and precious gemstones, and mining is by far the largest trade in this community. Families constantly battle for control of the largest and richest caverns, and the wealthiest of them dominate the community and set the rules for the other to live by. The main import is fruits and vegetables, things that are incredibly scarce up in the mountains. Life can be very brutal here, but the rest of the kingdom is forever open to trade with them meaning that the people can live incredibly comfortable lives here if they have the means.

Slave trade and ownership is incredibly common here, and a lot of people from Fogwick in particular often find themselves working hard in the mines for one of the ruling families. Those that are trusted are often sent into the other districts to trade goods and services, but for those at the bottom end of society life here can be tragically short.

Places of Interest

Temple of the Undermountain – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Phalym, this temple offers advice and guidance to those travelling through the mountains, as well as support for those whose lives are turned towards respect for Phalym. Donations made in gold and gems are rewarded with blessings and gifts of knowledge and strength, and this temple is widely regarded as the wealthiest in the entire kingdom.

Killian's Gift - Named after the priest of Phalym who founded it, this small school offers teaching to those with the traditional or magical talents to have the potential to ascend to a higher position within the district. The fee to study here is fairly high, usually in donations of gold and gems to the Temple of the Undermountain, and as such only the wealthier families can send their children here to study.

Boneshatter Falls – A vast waterfall that plummets down the side of the mountain, Boneshatter is very well deserving of its name. The winds whip harshly here and many a person has lost their life by stumbling or being blown over the edge and into the rocky waters below. It is believed by many that throwing a gemstone over the edge will grant you a wish, leading several idiots to lose their lives trying to scale down the mountainside to try to retrieve the vast wealth lying discarded at the bottom of the falls.

The Ring – The largest slave trading post in the kingdom, the ring in Icewell boasts vast holding pens for the slaves to be auctioned as well as facilities where potential buyers can 'try out' the stock before purchase for whatever their intended use will be. There are often dozens of slaves available at any one time, and many for very reasonable prices.

Lofty Peak Prison – Located deep within one of the mountains, Lofty Peak is the primary prison of the entire kingdom. Made up of stone walls with only one heavily guarded gate in and out, this place is all but impossible to escape. Rumours of prisoner torture and experimentation within its walls are rife, but considering that the populace of the prison is made up of rapists, murderers and other major criminals, most people turn a blind eye to what goes on behind the cold and unforgiving walls.

Misery's Peak – The peak of the highest mountain in Icewell, Misery's Peak offers unparalleled views over the entire kingdom. On a sunny summer day you can see as far as the ocean on the horizon, but on a winters day you would be exceptionally lucky to survive the snow and wind storms that batter this lonely peak. In the warmer months it is very popular with climbers both from Icewell and other districts, and is an incredibly valuable look-out post in times of threat to the kingdom.

Widow's Tear – A deep and unforgiving cave system, Widow's Tear was once the richest diamond seam in the known world. Many a family made their wealth from the gems contained within, but a cataclysmic support failure four decades ago led to hundreds of miners losing their lives. Their bodies still lie within, and very few dare set foot in the caves for fear of restless spirits and further cave collapses.

New Places of Interest

New places of interest can be added to this listing. If you have an idea for a new place of interest to add to this district, please fill out the following and send it in a PM to Sam. If it is suitable and fitting for the setting and that particular district, it will be added to the list above. Places of interest that have a lot of threads being set in them may be given their own sub-board within the district.

[b]Place of Interest Name:[/b]
[b]Brief Description (no more than three or four sentences):[/b]

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Posts : 40
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PostSubject: Re: About Icewell   Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:21 am

Important Canons

Head Priest/ Priestess in the Temple of the Undermountain

Killian’s Gift Teachers

Master/ Mistress of the Slave Ring

Keeper of the Slaves

The Ring’s Head Auctioneer

Head Warden of Lofty Peak Prison

Lofty Peak Prison Guards and Jailers
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About Icewell
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