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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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 About Lochrose

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PostSubject: About Lochrose   Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:38 pm


Ruler: Governor ___
Population: Moderate-high
Wealth: Varies
Law enforcement: Lochrose City Guard
Education: Extremely high

Often referred to as the Second City, Lochrose is the single biggest competition that Serenity has in regards to control. The governor is highly intelligent and highly power-hungry, and some say he is also highly mad. He got to his position of power through brutal methods, and he now rules the city with deadly efficiency. Those who follow his laws and show respect to him and his people are richly rewarded. Those who don't very quickly find themselves wishing that they had. It can be a brutal and unforgiving place to live, but for those who behave and keep their nose clean, it is possible for them to achieve more than they ever could in Serenity. This is due to mandatory free education for everyone, regardless of their status or funds, and the governor placing far more weight on a person's actions and not on their wealth or breeding.

Lochrose used to be a fairly small city, but in recent years it had been expanding quickly due to the governor using his guards to snatch control from neighbouring lands and swallow them up to become part of Lochrose. Whilst Lochrose is in no way a true threat to Serenity at the moment, there can be no denying that the governor has his eyes set on that target and it is secretly believed by some that one day he will rule the entire kingdom.

Places of note

The Palace – The home of the governor and his staff, the palace is a rich complex of buildings with its own stables, kennels and lake. Working here can be highly dangerous due to the governor's high standards and unpredictable temper, but it can also be highly profitable if you can make the grade.

Harkenlight Academy - This school is highly devoted to the teachings of the deity Lalumal and places very high standards on traditional education, and the teachers are known to be very strict and hard on those who are not progressing as they should. However there is also a high importance placed on magical learning, especially combat magic, and many graduates who show a particular talent for it are recruited directly into the city guard.

Grand Park – Located at the heart of the city, the park is home to a large duck lake, many well kept flower gardens and several traders selling fruit cakes, sweets and little toys. It is one of the most peaceful and serene areas in the city.

Church of Lalumal – Dedicated to the praise and worship of Lalumal, this church also offers teaching and education to those who do not possess the talents to be recruited into Harkenlight. This is largely due to the governor's belief that an educated populace is a better prepared one. Donations to the church are highly encouraged, as is weekly worship there.

Goldenwyne Theatre – Hosting a number of different plays and operas by the most talented bards in the region, the theatre is a popular destination for many in the district. The seats range in price from a couple of coppers right through to the grand seats costing many times more, and honey sweets and other treats are sold between acts.

Library – Boasting the largest collection of books and scrolls in the kingdom, the library in Lochrose is open to the public for a small fee. There are regular readings of stories and textbooks alike, as well as the opportunity to sit and study in one of the comfortable halls. The library is heavily guarded to prevent theft of the valuable works contained within.

New Places of Interest

New places of interest can be added to this listing. If you have an idea for a new place of interest to add to this district, please fill out the following and send it in a PM to Sam. If it is suitable and fitting for the setting and that particular district, it will be added to the list above. Places of interest that have a lot of threads being set in them may be given their own sub-board within the district.

[b]Place of Interest Name:[/b]
[b]Brief Description (no more than three or four sentences):[/b]

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Posts : 40
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PostSubject: Re: About Lochrose   Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:39 am

Important Canons

Palace Residents

Governor of Lochrose

Governor’s Private Guard

Servants and Housekeepers



Others of Import

Head of the City Guard

High Inquisitor

Head of the Church of Lalumal

Harkenlight Academy Teachers

Manager of the Goldenwyne Theatre

Keeper of Books at the Library
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About Lochrose
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