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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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 About the Outerlands

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PostSubject: About the Outerlands   Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:59 pm

The Outerlands

Ruler: None. This is beyond the border of the kingdoms.
Population: Low
Wealth: N/A
Law enforcement: None
Education: N/A

Outside the boundaries of the kingdom, the outerlands provide a vast world for exploration and adventure. Several small farms dot the landscape but the vast majority of the land is untouched and wild, making for excellent hunting and exploration opportunities. Sometimes people from one of the districts will travel out here to settle their differences outside of the laws laid down in their home region.

However, you would do well to keep in mind that this is a wild land. The dangers from ferocious animals, bandits and raiding parties from other kingdoms are huge here, and sometimes the rich hunting and chances to adventure are simply not worth the risk.

Places of Note

Plainsview Lodge - Located a two day's ride outside the kingdom walls, this huge hunting lodge is a popular get-away for those with the means to afford the extravagant fees. The knowledgeable guides offer hunting tours out into some of the richest wildlife areas there are, and highly trained tanners and taxidermists can have the trophies ready for display before it is time to return home. For those not hunting there are natural hot mineral springs to bathe in, some of the most breath-taking riding country available and a large number of very obedient and skilled slaves to cater to every wish and desire.

Hearthstone – Once a proud and mighty stronghold, Hearthstone is now nothing more than a charred ruin. A century ago it was decimated by a dragon named Arngalor, and a hundred years of rot and decay have left it a complete husk. Its ruins have been looted many a time for whatever valuables may remain, but the odd treasure can still be found if you dare run the risk of rotting floorboards and crumbling walls.

New Places of Interest

New places of interest can be added to this listing. If you have an idea for a new place of interest to add to this district, please fill out the following and send it in a PM to Sam. If it is suitable and fitting for the setting and that particular district, it will be added to the list above. Places of interest that have a lot of threads being set in them may be given their own sub-board within the district.

[b]Place of Interest Name:[/b]
[b]Brief Description (no more than three or four sentences):[/b]

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Posts : 40
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Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: About the Outerlands   Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:44 am

Important Canons

Owner of the Plainsview Lodge

Plainsview Lodge Hunting Guides

Plainsview Lodge Tanners and Taxidermists

Plainsview Lodge Staff – Slaves
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About the Outerlands
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