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Current Month: Hydref

Weather: Leaves are well on their way through changing. The top of the mountains are heavy with snow. The lower lands are getting colder, with light touches of frost some mornings. Harvest is well under way.

Upcoming Events: Disian's Day (31st Hydref)

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PostSubject: Rulebook   Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:58 pm

General Rules

I know, I know. Rules are boring. However, they are essential for allowing a game to function and not become an unorganised mess. The rules here are simple, but must be followed at all times.

  • Disrespect, intolerance, bigotry and other form of abuse towards other players will not be tolerated. This is a safe place to relax and unwind, and if you act like a jackass to other players we will treat you like a jackass and kick you until you learn how to behave like a civilised human being. Keep being a jackass, and we will boot you out permanently.
  • If you are having a problem with another player and wish for help in resolving the issue, please PM an admin so we can assist. We cannot deal with a problem if we do not know that it exists.
  • We do not tolerate pressuring of any kind, be it for a quicker reply or for a certain type of thread. A gentle reminder of a reasonably overdue thread is fine, nagging for a reply is most definitely not. If anyone tries to pressure you for any type of thread you do not want to take part in, let an admin know immediately.
  • This site is rated mild M. Cussing, violence and other shenanigans are all perfectly allowed, but extreme violence (torture etc.) should be either only vaguely described or faded to black. Sexual situations are also allowed, but should also be either only vaguely described and not overtly explict or faded to black. Characters under the age of eighteen must never be written in any form of sexual situation. Rape and other forms of sexual abuse must be faded to black, no exceptions, and never, ever used just as cheap throw-away drama. That is one of Sam's major berserk buttons and will get you a warning. Potentially triggering content must be warned for.
  • Godmodding, powerplaying and metagaming are all very unwelcome here. If you do not understand what these terms mean, GIYF.
  • Posts should be third-person past tense unless all writers in the thread agree to something else ahead of time.
  • One-liners are seriously discouraged, but other than that there are no post length requirements. Just make sure the other person has something to actually respond to, and all is golden.
  • You are welcome to pretty up posts with pictures and such if you like, but please do not resize or colour the font. Some of us (me) have rubbish eyes and trying to read tiny white font on a pale grey background will result in no actual reading being done.
  • Avatars must be no larger than 150x150. Signatures must be no larger than 500x300. Any graphics that stretch the board will be deleted.

Account Rules

  • There are no limits to the amount of characters you can play here, as long as you can keep them active. By 'active', we mean at least one post per month per character. For major canon characters such as city/ district rulers this is increased to at least two posts per month. If it is noticed that you are falling behind on this you will be sent a PM reminder. Any character that goes for more than two months without meeting this activity level (without a valid reason) will be vaulted.
  • On this site you must have one account for each character you play. The account should be named with the character's First Last name.
  • Once an account has been made, you have one month to get a character profile up. If no profile is posted within that timeframe the account will be classed as abandoned and deleted.
  • WIP profiles are absolutely allowed, but must be completed within one month of being posted. If they are still a WIP after a month, they will be archived and you must contact an admin if you want to have it reinstated.

Character Rules

  • Characters can only be human. No vampires, angels, demons, dragons, half-orcs, pixies, mermaids, centaurs or spaghetti monsters. Humans only.
  • Characters must have a playby/ face claim. This is a celebrity that is used to represent the general features of the character. Each celebrity can only be used once, with the exception of one being used to represent twins. Actors, musicians, sports stars, legitimate models and other similar types count as celebrities. Youtubers, Instagrammers, bloggers and other 'internet personalities' do not and cannot be used.
  • All characters in this world possess some form of natural magical ability. Please see the magic-specific sections to get a better grasp of how magic works in this world. However, if you want to play a more baseline-type human you can write them as having never uncovered the secrets to their powers through a lack of schooling, a lack of interest, having a natural weak hold of it or some other reason for why their ability is non-functional.
  • Once your profile has been completed, you will get a PM from an admin within a couple of days either welcoming the character to the game, or suggesting any changes that need to be made prior to them being accepted. You cannot play your character on the site until they have received the welcome message. Once you have the message, you are free to go!

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